ELA: Basal Alignment Project

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Over the past month, I have been asked several questions about the Basal Alignment Project. More specifically — “What is the Basal Alignment Project?” and “How can I access it?”

bapThe Basal Alignment Project  started as a way for teachers to share Common Core aligned resources with other teachers for use with common basal readers throughout the country. Teachers worked to create a bank of text-dependent questions as well as resources focused on specific comprehension strategies and Tier 2 vocabulary support. The result was the Basal Alignment Project.

The Basal Alignment Project does not address the spelling, phonics, or grammar portion of textbooks and is only available for grades 3-5. However, almost each lesson contains culminating tasks and classroom activities that align with the more rigorous standards. Paired with our District’s TIA StoryTown documents, the Basal Alignment Project is a great tool for teachers to use while planning instruction.

The Basal Alignment Project can be accessed two ways:

By visiting the AchievetheCore.Org website 

  1. Select grade 3, 4, or 5.
  2. Scroll down to find StoryTown.
  3. Select the appropriate story title.
  4. The Word document will open and save to your computer.

By creating or logging into your Edmodo account

  1.  Join the Basal Alignment Project group with the join code “F4Q6NM.”
  2. Click on the folder icon on the left side.
  3.  Choose the “HMH StoryTown” folder.
  4.  Click on appropriate story title.
  5. The Word document will open and save to your computer.




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