ELA: Text Structure Question Stems Grades 6-8

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Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium has released Item Specification Documents for both ELA and Math.  Continue reading for sample text structure question stems.

questionsAlthough the Idaho Core Standards transition from Text Features to Text Structures at the fourth grade, understanding and applying structural reading strategies is an integral part of complex higher-level reading. Students in fourth grade will be asked to analyze the structure of a single text and then, beginning in fifth grade, be asked to analyze structure across two or more texts.

Teachers at Post Falls Middle School began this year with an in-service on Text Structures and have been striving to teach the structures explicitly across content areas to increase student learning. Below are four sample question types middle school students may encounter on this springs S-BAC assessment.

Sample Question Stems from Grades 6-8

  • What effect does [description of text structure/format/feature] have on the meaning of the text OR reader’s understanding of [element affected by structure, such as the structure of the description of the characters, or the structure of events in the plot]?
  • The author [used/included] [description of text structure/format/feature]. What is the most likely reason why the author structured the text this way? OR How does this structure affect [element affected by structure, such as central idea, characters, or plot]?
  • What is the most likely reason the author [used/included] [description of text structure/format/feature] in the text?
  • Why is using [description of text structure] important to understanding [character name/the central idea/the purpose/the author or character’s point of view/the introduction/the rising action, series of events /the climax/ the falling action/the conclusion] in the text?

Download more! – Text Structures Stems

For more information on Text Features and Text Structures please visit these archived posts and resources.

Want to investigate question stems at your grade level? I’d be happy to help navigate the website and files. Email mejennifer-signature


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