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Looking for a digital whiteboard you can record and share with your students? Looking for a digital whiteboard your students can use? Showme might be the app for you!

ShowMe is a digital whiteboard app that allows users to create and share digital whiteboard creations. Teachers can create playlists that students can access at a later time. The app and accounts are free for both teachers and students.

Matt Gunderson, a digital resource trainer at Post Falls High School, shared Show Me with his fellow staff members through a ShowMe.


Matt uses Show Me because “it differentiates the learning modality and offers students flexible support since they can pause, and replay at will.”

Cory Nilson, a fourth grade teacher at Seltice Elementary, has his students create Show Mes. I had the opportunity to step into his classroom for a short bit last week. Cory played a student created Show Me for his class. As soon as the Show Me started his students were instantly engaged and excited to see what their classmate created. Here is a Show Me one of Cory’s students created.


If you use Show Me or another whiteboard app in your classroom, let me know how you are using it.  I will share your ideas on the blog!

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One thought on “Ed Tech: Show Me

    barney said:
    January 22, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    Good example- the 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication was pretty good too. Can you post that one?

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