Ed Tech: Posting Grades in Schoolmaster

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It is that time of year again! For most secondary teachers, the semester ends Thursday and grade are due soon after. 

Here are guides I created to assist teachers in posting grades. These guides were created as general guides to be applicable to all four buildings (PFHS, NVHS, PFMS, RCMS). Please make sure to verify your school’s posting requirements with your administrator.

Post Grades in Schoolmaster-Adding Comments

10 Steps to Post Grades By Editing an Existing Calculation

10 Steps to Post Grades By Creating a New Calculation

Here are the guides put out by Schoolmaster:



Additionally I have had many questions on how to print readable hard copy reports.  From the drop down menus at the top, select reports>gradebook>hard copy.  Select the features (students, assignments, date ranges, portrait or landscape) you would like your hard copy to show and select submit.  From the next screen, select create a PDF. If the PDF copy is difficult to read, follow the steps above except choose a shorter date range (maybe break it up by progress periods or quarters) and try a different orientation (portrait or landscape). This isn’t ideal, but this is the only solution Schoolmaster has for us at this time.

I hope to have my grades (I teach two periods) posted Thursday night so I can be available to help teachers on Friday.

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