ELA: Four Tools for Teaching Idaho Core Vocabulary

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Is it main idea or central idea? How do I know what Tier Two words I should be teaching?

Nuts and BoltsOne of the major shifts with the Idaho Core Standards is a focus on developing a more academic vocabulary that allows students to access complex informational and literary text across content areas. Here’s four tools to help get you started down the path to success.

Middle School ELA Vocabulary List – I generated this list from the Total Instructional Alignment (TIA) documents that Post Falls teachers created last year. If you would like a digital copy of your grade level’s TIA, please email me.

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Chart – Use this tool to help draft text-dependent questions when writing classroom assessments. This word list is great for ensuring teachers ask higher-level questions in the classroom.

S-BAC Representative Word List – A list released by Smarter Balanced with a words likely to appear on this spring’s field test.

Marzano’s Common Core Vocabulary List – The educational researchers at the Marzano Research Laboratory have analyzed the Common Core Standards to determine the words that appear most frequently.  By registering at the site, you have access to several lists and articles free of charge from their book Vocabulary for the Common Core.

Lastly, Edutopia has a great teacher-friendly article on how to teach vocabulary in the modern classroom. — 11 Tips on Teaching Common Core Critical Vocabulary

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