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Is informational text getting you down?  Read this month’s Educational Leadership and get inspired again!


This month’s  edition of Educational Leadership is all about  tackling informational text. How timely! Many of this month’s articles are available online without a subscription.

What Students Can Do When the Reading Gets Tough by Sunday Cummins

Points of Entry by Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher

Planning for What Students Don’t Know by Robert J. Marzano

You Want Me to Read What? by Timothy Shanahan

Invitations to Read by Carol Ann Tomlinson

The Reading Skills Digital Brains Need by Bryan Goodwin

The Case for Reader-Friendly Articles by Elfrieda H. Hiebert

Do Caterpillars Eat Cake? by Panayota Mantzicopoulos and Helen Patrick

Tackling Complex Text with Language Learners by Debbie Arechiga

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