ELA: Nine Sources for Informational Text

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Tired of weeding through the Internet looking for high-quality text? Try one of these nine sites next time you’re looking for Idaho Core resources.

One of the most common questions I get asked is where to look online for high-quality informational text.  Here’s a few sites I find myself visiting again and again.

  • Newsela Relevant non-fiction passages for students based on current events.
  • ReadWorks.Org Over 1400 K-8 non-fiction and literary passages ranging from 710L to 1430L.
  • Woderopolis Subscribe to receive a “Wonder of the Day” in your email or on your phone. Website is also searchable by topic and includes  digital and traditional paired texts.
  • Scope Magazine Scholastic has  made all current and past issues of Scope available online. Includes lessons plans, paired texts, and resources for argumentative writing. Targeted to grades 6-8.
  • Discovery Education Available to Idaho teachers, this is a database of lessons and materials. If you need help logging on, contact your building DRT.

Know of another great resource? Email me at jolsen@sd273.com.

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