Google Forms: A Tool for You

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Looking for a quick data collection tool? How about a way to make a quick assessment, survey, or log? Google forms might be a tool for you!


What is a Google Form? A Google Form is an easy to use data collection tool that is free from Google. Google forms allows you to easily create a visually appealing user-friendly form in a matter of minutes! After your recipients complete your form, your data is organized into a spreadsheet and digital summary for your review! You can create questions in multiple formats and types as well as sort the data that has been collected!

Uses: You can use Google forms in a variety of ways including: scheduling, small assessments, parent or student data collection, logs, surveys. Your building DRTs will present some ways they can be used your schools soon!

You can start today at‎.

For assistance, contact your building DRT or one of the CTIS (secondary-Kelly West or elementary-Jennifer Olsen

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