ELA: R.A.C.E. Writing Strategy

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Are your students struggling to write high-quality constructed responses? Try helping them win the race with this strategy.

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R.A.C.E. is an an acronym for a simple writing strategy that can help students construct more thoughtful and thorough responses. This strategy can be modified to fit all grade levels and with a few modifications can also be used in mathematics.

Here’s how to help your students win at writing!

1. RESTATE – Students restate the question in the form of a topic sentence.

2. ANSWER – Students answer ALL parts of the question.

3. CITE – Students cite examples from the text that support their answer.

4. EXPLAIN – Students explain how their evidence supports their answer or connects to another text.

Several teams of teachers across the District will soon begin using this strategy.  Please email me if you’d like to have this process modeled in your classroom or shared with your grade level or department.

Teachers can access a student-friendly Prezi introducing the R.A.C.E. strategy as well as a R.A.C.E. student handout and sample poster through Dropbox.