ELA: Digital Graphic Organizers

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Now that I know all about Text Structures, how can I put technology into the hands of my students?


Teachers at Post Falls Middle School jumped head first into Text Structures during last week’s in-service training. Teachers explored common structures that appear in non-fiction text and how to help students use signal words and graphic organizers to better access and navigate difficult content. Text Structures allow teachers across disciplines to brillantly support students in meeting Idaho Core Reading Anchor Standard 5. The most common text structures addressed in the ICS and S-BAC assessment are:

  • Description
  • Sequence
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Cause and Effect
  • Problem and Solution

In addition to traditional graphic organizers, students can use several digital tools to help organize new material as they construct meaning. Inspiration software is currently available at PFMS and Tools4Students 2 is an excellent iPad app that offers a visual platform for students to record notes and organize their reading. After creating graphic organizers in Tools4Students 2, students can share thier diagrams via email, Dropbox or create PDF files of their work. Currently Tools4Students 2 is availabe in the iTunes Store for 99 cents.

If you’d like more information about Text Features and Text Structures or team level, grade level, or school level professional development, please contact me at jolsen@sd273.com