ELA: AIMSweb MAZE & Lexile Correlations

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AIMSweb MAZE? Lexile Range? Huh? They work together? No way!

Many Post Falls schools use the AIMSweb MAZE probe as both a universal screener and progress monitoring tool. This is a three-minute nationally-normed measure that can be used by RtI teams, grade level teams, and classroom teachers to quickly assess students’ reading comprehension.

In 2011, links between AIMSweb MAZE scores and Lexile ranges were made by MetaMetrics. Please keep in mind these are simply correlations between the AIMSweb MAZE and Lexile. They don’t give us a complete picture of a student’s reading ability, but can be used as a quick reference to help students select reading materials. Students and teachers can use Lexile’s Find a Book tool to find high-interest non-fiction and fiction texts.

Elementary AIMSweb MAZE correlations begin on page 80. The middle level AIMSweb MAZE correlations start on pg 85. There are currently no correlations available for High School students.